Parental Assistance

Parental Assistance


Please ensure that at least one parent/guardian is present at each Local Competition Day. Apart from the fact that children perform better when their parents take an active interest in their sport, responsibility cannot be taken for children injured or left waiting for parents at the end of a session. This second example often occurs when stormy weather causes an early finish to the days activities. If an athlete is not accompanied by a parent, guardian or responsible adult he/she will NOT be able to compete that night.

We are a strong, active and expanding Centre, and have succeeded in providing a variety of worthwhile, healthy activities for our young athletes. This success is a direct result of parents just like you, putting in the effort to help us run the Centre for the benefit of all.

We expect, that as a parent, you will be willing to help where you are able, as the Centre relies on the cooperative effort of all parents for its continued operation.

Any one of the Committee is willing to help new parents in getting to know how to time keep, record, start, measure etc. don’t be shy, no experience is necessary, only enthusiasm and the will to give it a go for the athletes sake – just ask us… we need your help!

We will endeavor to have an experienced person at each activity in order to eliminate the problems that arise when nobody is sure of the correct rules and procedures. This person will also aim to help other parents learn how to run, record and organise that particular event. For us to achieve this, parental assistance and participation is vitally important.

Roles where parent help is needed:

– Timekeepers & Starters on the short & long tracks
– Equipment Officer Assistants
– Age Managers and Co-managers  see more details of these roles at:  http://armidalelac.org.au/age-manager/   A Guide for Age Managers
– Event Managers (eg. Long Jump, Discus, Shot Put)

Please – pitch in and lend a hand

 Travel Assistance Grant

To access the Travel Assistance Grant form please click HERE