Past Pointscore Winners

Past Pointscore Winners

End of Season Presentation

At the end of the season age groups from U7 and U17 will be awarded a medal for 1st, 2nd and 3rd* highest pointscore in their divison.  The U6 age group will all be given an end of year medal.

There will also be an overall perpetual trophy awarded to the Highest Point Score Junior and Senior Athlete of the Year as well as Highest PB point score.

The pointscore will be awarded for both personal bests and placing throughout the season.

*Please note at the end of 2015/16 season it was decided that to be eligible to receive a medal an athlete must have a total point score of 50 or above

End of Season Highest Point Score Winners

2019/2020 Junior – Connie Burgess                       Senior – Brooke Newberry

2018/2019 Junior – Myarah Ahoy                           Senior – Madeline Petrov

2017/2018 Junior – Aiden Lankester-Power         Senior – Ellie Mitchell

2016/2017 Junior – Skye Vaughan                           Senior – Jessica Burgess

2015/2016 Junior – Skye Vaughan                           Senior – Isabella Gooch

2014/2015 Junior  – Skye Vaughan                          Senior – Georgia Vaughan

2013/2014 Junior  – Skye Vaughan                          Senior – Ely Sisson

2012/2013 Junior – Catalina Cox                              Senior – Keiran Smith

2011/2012 Junior – Thomas Bible                            Senior – Madeline Sauer

2010/2011 Junior –  Jacinta Brash                            Senior – Brooke Godwin

2009/2010 Junior – Callam Godwin                         Senior – Madeleine Sauer

End of Season Most Personal Bests

2019/2020 Junior – William Goodare                     Senior – Brooke Newberry

2015/2016 Junior – Skye Vaughan                           Senior – Isabella Gooch

2014/2015 Female – Isabella Gooch                        Male – Hamish Wallace